This product is not legal for use in the State of California.

Helix 2: The Helix 2 is the best choice for just about all high performance applications. Single turbocharger and twin turbocharger engines will both benefit. Large reductions in maximum exhaust gas temperatures and smoke are immediately noticed. Increased throttle response and pulling power. Lift is higher and duration is extended on both the intake and exhaust lobes. This cam is ground from a new blank casting and is not a regrind. The H2 has the lobe ground for a mechanical fuel pump. Both the press on and press-on/bolted-on camshafts are available in the H2 grind. Bolted-on drive gears raise the durability of the system and allo
w for added piece of mind with high powered engine combinations. Cam failuers and gear walk have been indicated in even stock Cummins engines using the P7100 pumps that used the press-on gear system. Bolt-on gears fix this potential trouble in high performance applications.

RPM range of the Helix 2 is from idle to 4000 RPM.
Please see our bolt on gear page for more information and pricing if indicated.

$488.00 for either the bolt-on or press-on camshaft.

Helix 3: The best camshaft for the Nitrous assisted and maximum effort Diesel only twin turbo applications. The H3 grind is specifically for the maximum top end power output and airflow improvements. Lift and duration is higher than the Helix 2 on both the intake and exhaust sides. Upgraded valve springs are not a choice. Coil bind up of the stock valve springs will occur even before the cam comes to complete lift. The H3 will lower the maximum exhaust gas temperatures and smoke output tremendously. Nitrous users will see they now need half the nitrous they used previously to obtain the same power output. This cam was used for lasts year sled pulling season in Ray Gullets Street Diesel pulling truck. Ray placed 2nd in the overall year after nearly 15 events and won first place in the Mooreland Indiana pull. Doug Smith recently dyno tested at 832 rear wheel HP using the H3 camshaft. This truck is the highest HP 24 Valve truck on the road to date with much more to come in the near future. Like the H2, the H3 has the lobe to use the mechanical fuel pump for a bullet proof low pressure fuel delivery system and is ground from a brand new casting. Not a regrind. Press-on and press-on/bolted-on gears are available in the H3 grind. Bolted on gears are highly recommended for the H3 cam system and in the 12 valve Helix camshafts are only ground on the bolt-on gear blanks.

RPM range of the Helix 3 is 1500 to 5000 RPM. In the 24 Valve application it pulls hard past 3500 RPM.
Please see our bolt on gear page for more information

$488.00 for either the bolt-on or press-on camshaft.