This product is not legal for use in the State of California.

Price: $685.00

For Dodge RAM 5.9L Common Rail 2003 – 2007

Tuning instructions for the REVOlution software

We provide you a whole new tuning concept with a handheld performance tuner.
For the first time the Cummins engine performance tuning software can now be customized by the customer.
The REVOlution starts here!

How does it work?
If you prefer the Smarty's default software configuration, simply skip the “Adjust Options” menu and choose the CaTCHER level you prefer, as in the previous Smarty softwares. If you want to change the default setting of any (or all…) of the customizable items, you can enter the “ Adjust Options” menu , navigate with the “ > “ and “ < “ keys to the item you want to customize and enter your choice. Done! Smarty will do the rest. Once the end of the item list is reached, Smarty will store your selections in its memory. In this way, your preferred selections will be applied every time you program your truck. As a simple example, if you set the Speedlimiter to “100”, Smarty will always use that value for all ECM updates, until you change the value again or return the truck back to stock. When you enter the “ECM update“ menu you will find the chapter: “Adjust Options“. Once entered, this menu allows you to choose among several items and levels of customization.

From 25 to 250 mph in one mile increments

Torque Management:
# 0 - Default
# 1 - Stock
# 2 - Mild
# 3 - Moderate
# 4 - Wild ( aftermarket clutch / AT Transmission recommended )
Then higher the # you choose then less torque management remains and then more aggressive the throttle response becomes.

Injection Timing:
# 0 - Default
# 1 - Stock
# 2 - for stock injectors
# 3 - for aftermarket Injectors ( less timing advance than # 2 )
# 4 - for fuel economy ( more timing advance than level # 2 )
Important! The odd numbered SW's ( 1,3,5,7 & 9 ) use the advanced timing and the even numbered SW's ( 2,4,6 & 8 ) use the stock timing.

This is only true if you don't adjust the options! With the Revo you can choose ANY timing you want, no matter if the Catcher you'll download is odd or even! You CAN, add timing to the software's that have none, or use the stock timing in the odd # ones. Your pleasure.... By definition for all adjustable options the default is # 2. EXCEPT for the timing. The timing has two defaults. # 1 for the even numbered SW's ( stock timing ) # 2 for the odd numbered SW ( advanced timing ). To avoid confusion and to help the customer in returning all levels to default ( if need be ), key # 0 is used to return Smarty back to the default levels. This is most important for the timing. When Smarty is set back to default with key # 0, the even numbered software's will use the stock timing and the odd numbered ones the advanced timing.

Rail pressure:
# 0 - Default
# 1 - Stock
# 2 - Mild
# 3 – Moderate*
# 4 – Wild* (aftermarket injectors are a MUST)
* In order to avoid damage to the injection system, do not use for prolonged time.
Wastegate: ( for the 2004.5 and up trucks with the electronic wastegate only )
# 0 - Stock (On)
# 1 - Off ( for aftermarket turbo )