This product is not legal for use in the State of California.

Using the latest technology in chromium steel materials, heat treating and shot peening we have a perfectly matched spring for the Helix camshafts. They will control the valve train under extreme conditions of high RPM and high boost. They have a higher spring pressure on the seat and when open than the stock 60 lb springs used from Cummins. The springs are a direct drop in replacement and the stock retainers and keepers/collets can be used. No expensive titanium components are needed. Lowering costs.

An ovate wire design was used to provide for maximum clearance with high lift cam lobes and higher spring pressures while keeping everything in a compact and lightweight package. They will last the life of the engine and beyond. Race after race. The triple shot peening process adds another 30% of spring life to the already long term solution in materials and the heat treating selected.

Users of the current RPM elevating electronic boxes now have a more affordable solution to valvetrain control.

These springs can be installed with the cylinder head on the engine. Typically for a first timer the process takes about 3 hours.

24 Springs: $550.00